Årets första fullmåne 2020

Nytt år nya utmaningar. Under ceremoni fick jag till mig en massa saker som jag gärna delar med mig av till dig. Vi är många som har känt av rörelse och transformation. För många har det varit mycket tungt. Det som kommer starkt är rörelse, vatten, känslor. Vatten i rörelse som spolar bort det gamla … Read more

Why we are here

I belive that we are all here for a reason. I also belive that many of us have been here before. Many of us have memories of other lives. I get glimpses and pictures, and lately they are becoming clearer. I have been questioning my whole life why I am here. Growing up I remember … Read more

Stormy ocean

Some times life tosses you around like a small boat on a stormy ocean. All hope seems lost and there is nothing but darkness all around. What do we do then? How do we find the shore again. After rain comes sunshine, always. We need to stay in the now and have trust that another … Read more

Finding our own center

We are all divine beings. We are made perfect. We are made of divine energy. It is as simple as that? Why do we sometimes make it so hard and complicated? For me it has to do with that I get lost and need to find my way back to myself. It has to do … Read more

Inner child

What does it mean when we hear that we have to take care of our inner child? I have been on this journey of transformation and getting to know myself and why I do the things I do for a long time. I have always been guided and right now my angels and crystals tell … Read more

How I started my crystal journey

I get the question all the time. How can you communicate with crystals? How did you learn to? We are all different and have different stories. My story starts when I was very young. My mother used to say I ran away, but I never did. I just followed my angels. I could always feel … Read more

When the world is spinning

Life has been spinning a bit to fast lately. There are so many things that I want to do, and a lot of messages are passing through me. I really love it when I’m in it, but where I am at right now is in the void in between. Creativity has been flowing and now … Read more