Green moonstone, top quality, with cat eye effect, with white ghost phantom quartz

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White dragon, Norse magic, snow queen This piece is full of dragons and magic of the snowy Norse mountaintops. When I channel her a lot of white light

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White dragon, Norse magic, snow queen 

This piece is full of dragons and magic of the snowy Norse mountaintops. 

When I channel her a lot of white light energy and white dragons appear. She comes with a serene and clean, clear energy. She comes with snow, midnight sun and ancient magic of the old mountains of Norway. She tells me that these mountains are d the snow is part of the roof of the world that is holdings space with an amazing grounding energy but also a very high vibration. 

This piece wants to support you with the balance between grounding and ascension, with the duality of life, sacred masculine and sacred feminine. One cannot exist without the other. She also talks about spiraling life, how when you conquer this balance life begins to spiral upward.

A Godess older than the Norse gods emerge. She comes in bright white with white dragons all around her. She said it’s time to let go and to follow your sacred path. Don’t linger in the shadows she says, step in to the light. You are held and loved. When the sun is are not there the stars are shining on you. Let go of being small, shine. Your time here is short, live now. 

The Green moonstone is a crystal that is a portal into the magical kingdom, this particular one is connected to the white lady that has chosen to connect to this piece and support you with your work.

The white ghost phantom quarts is an amazing crystal. It is a kind of white Lodolite, a shaman crystal. It wants to support you to travel through the dimensions into the magical kingdom. 

This piece is really special with a very magical aura around it.