The Golden Dragon and The Golden Egg, big citrine with naturally doublr terminated Lodolite

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The Golden Dragon and The Golden EggThe divine feminine I hold the universe within me I am the force of the ever expanding love With this piece c

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The Golden Dragon and The Golden Egg

The divine feminine 

I hold the universe within me 

I am the force of the ever expanding love 

With this piece comes the Golden Dragon, she holds the Golden Egg, the key to the new Golden Age.

This is a piece for transformation, for letting the light in your every cell of your body. This is a piece for illumination, for calling out for the light within and the light around you. It is a piece for calling all of you home, and all being of light to enter your field.

The Golden Egg and The Divine feminine is here, the spark that ignites everything to come to light.

This is such a massive piece, almost too big to hold. The Golden Dragon energy is strong. The dragon is the protector of the Divine Feminine that is awakening on earth once again. This piece really is for the new world order to come forth where we live from the heart and where the womb and feminine magic is at the center of all things. A strong feminine woman can invite and hold the strong feminine so that they both can rise.

The citrine is golden, so full of light and happiness, she is the spark that ignites all that will be of light for you.

The Lodolite is naturally double terminated and is has a magical golden shine to it. It is full of rainbows and it wants to support you to penetrate the vail between the worlds to let light in your every cell of your body.

The Golden Dragon will be a great support for you and so will the Golden Egg. It will be revealed only for you what will be inside the egg. You will not be disappointed.

This is a piece for you who is ready to take a huge leap of faith to enlighten all of you, your body, your soul and your soul path. If you are working with light this will elevate you and your work massively.