How to work with citrine

|20/11, 2023

How to work with citrine

When we are entering the darkest times of the year we are also, like the falling leaves, falling into ourselves.

Here in the depths of ourselves we meet parts of ourselves that we have avoided.

One way to work with citrine is to allow the crystal to penetrate you deeply. You can imagine it like a bright light that you can use to shine inside. With the help of the citrines light you can find parts of yourself that you have been hiding and now needs to come out into the light and receive all the love that this part did not get when it was hidden. 

When we learn how to love ourselves fully we become free to be the beautiful loving people we were meant to be. Then we are in flow with life and we are open to receive all the gifts that life has to offer. 

I will put out a guided meditation on my YouTube channel Stjernhem Design about citrine and how you can use the light and love from the citrine to support you in your healing process to become whole.

Lots of love to you on this day.

Remember, the crystal Kingdom is out there waiting for you.

❤️ Johanna

The Crystal Whisperer 

(The picture is of a citrine and a pink Lithium crystal)