Archangel of magical creatures, Fire opal in Matrix

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Deep void and mystery, magical creatures, self knowledge.This is a very deep piece. It is connected to the unknown Archangel that appeared to support me as the

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Deep void and mystery, magical creatures, self knowledge.

This is a very deep piece. It is connected to the unknown Archangel that appeared to support me as the light portal in Rome appeared. It is connected to dragons and the magical kingdom. It is a crystal that works beyond the beyond the great mystery. It is deep and penetrating, very intense.

This is a piece that wants to support you to go places where you haven’t been before. It is a door opener and a support for you to see beyond what you have ever seen before.

As I channel it, it is like a totally new world opens up to me, a magical world of wonder. Here are dragons, waterfalls of magnificent beauty. Creatures that I have never seen before are moving, flying, swimming around. The air is fresh and the world is new and ancient at the same time. I am being shown that this world is in a dimension close to ours and the mist between the worlds are growing thinner. This piece is a key for you to enter into a totally new world. The Archangel that is present here is a mysterious one and he/she is the guardian of this magnificent world. This Archangel seeks you who want to support in creating and birthing the New World. This world has a lot of knowledge that is beneficial for our world, you would be the bridge between. 

The fire opal is a manifester. You will be chosen by it, you will feel it in your heart. It will set you of on a great mission. What you wish to manifest will also be for the good of all. Your heart must be pure. 

The faceted clear quartz is a light portal for you to step in to. Here you will find healing and strength for your mission. It also supports the fire opal.

This is a very special piece that comes with a clear message. The Archangel is strongly connected to this piece. You will slowly get to know each other and you will understand more and more of who you are and what your sacred mission here on earth it. This piece will provide you with great support on your journey.
Know that you have been chosen.